Prithvi Cafe – Artful,Inspirational vegan food

So this arty friend of mine has been raving to me about this rustic free-spirited arty-crafty cafe she has started hanging out in. And very earthly, it’s called Prithvi Cafe (Soon the bar will be added to that name). I along with some fellow foodies decided to review the place. Also marking the first cafe/restaurant review on Kathmandu Foodies. Things will start taking the pace now.

prithvi-cafe-kathmandu-nepal-exteriorThe exterior of Prithvi Cafe

Midst the heavy downpour and nearly experiencing the skyfall we reached the visually noisy but placid feeling neighborhood where Prithvi is situated in. The feeling of art and activism invigorates from the moment you are near the premises – The social messages, NGO flyers in the walls to a beautiful handmade signage that parades the word ‘Prithvi’.
As we were about to step in – I ┬ástumbled upon a friend of mine at the gate. After some casual hi-hellos, It came to my knowledge that he neighbors prithvi cafe. His neighbor’s nose view was definitely needed to set a pretext for initial impressions of the place. His first reportings were some appreciation for the breakfasts which he frequents there. Even though he claims to be a big meat eater,vegan assortment at prithvi satisfied him. Since it was the evening time that we were there, it had occurred to me that this review isn’t going to be a complete one. I have marked my calender for a breakfast visit and leave committed to a second review. However, I think that is the beauty about restaurant and food reviews. It is not about the pre-prepared, pre-informed setting that you review a restaurant always. Atleast that’s not how food experiences go in real world scenarios. You drop in at random settings of moods and lights to see what a place has to offer. Continue reading


[News] – Mike’s Breakfast to Shift from its current location soon

An old haunt moves- Two things have always drawn us to Mike’s is its charming old world beauty and not to forget the absolute best omelettes in town. We’ve spent many Saturdays gorging on its homely- wonderful delicacies. Its orgasm in the mouth for sure. However, coming October- November its moving from its old premises in Naxal to Baluwatar near Nepal Rastra Bank. Continue reading

Mushroom Pohe with a zing


Simple but grateful deviation from usual throw in of fried rice or 2 minute noodles. Pohe is a Marathi dish primarily made out of Chiura, something which is an indispensable item in a Nepali household. Toss in any vegetable or leftover meat chunks lying in your fridge and it works. We give it a twist of taste with a zing of mint. Refreshing and filling midnight snack for your weekend adventures in the kitchen. Continue reading

Litchis of Summer 2013

Litchi (Lychee) – The season of the florally fragrant, sweet and juicy fruit. The Litchis we see on our fruit market shelves and on the roads are mostly imported from India.
But our Nepali producers too are contributing their bit in this piece of market. We got our hands on the Litchi locally grown in and around Naubise. In the peak season time, they were as juicy, pulpy and sweet as any other varieties available in market. Only these Litchis were marked by a very subtle specific hint of wild grassy flavor. Which went along well. Do get your pick of these local Litchis if you are on the highway at this point of time.
So how is your Litchi experiences this summer? Are you incorporating Litchi in any other dish or drink other than eating it raw?